Akhbar dan Kuasa: Perkembangan Sistem Akhbar di Malaysia Sejak 1806

Title of Book:  Akhbar dan Kuasa – Perkembangan Sistem Akhbar di Malaysia Sejak 1806
Author: Mohd Safar Hasim
Publisher: Penerbit Universiti Malaya
Year of  Publication: 1996
Place of Publication: Kuala Lumpur
Fourth reprint in 2004
Bumber of pages: 417 + index and bibliography

The Malaysian Press System began in 1806 when the first newspaper The Prince of Wales Island Gazette  was published. The newspaperr urshered in cesnsorshop prior to publication which lasted untul 1835. However, with the enforcement of Indian Act No. XI, newppapers were no longer subjected to censorship. Control on the Press resumed with the introduction of the Printing Presses Ordinance in 1920, when printing presses were required to be licensed. This was followed by publication permit in 1939. Following Communist rebellion in 1948, Printing Presses Ordinance was revived together with Sedition Ordinance as a measure to fight the Communist insurgency. The licensing of the press and publication permit continued to be part of Malaysian law until today.

The English version of this book is expected to be published this year.


About Mohd Safar Hasim

Bekas wartawan Bernama (1969-1982); Kini Pensyarah Kewartawan & Komunikasi Antarabangsa di Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.
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