Mengenali Undang-undang Media dan Siber

Title of Book: Mengenali Undang-undang Media dan Siber
Author: Mohd Safar Hasim
Publisher: Utusan Publications  and Distributors Sdb Bhd
Year of Publication: 2002
Place of Publication: Kuala Lumpur
No  of pages:  162 pages + index and bibliography.

The book is an introduction to media laws namely, Printing Presses and Publications Act, Official Secrets Act,  Sedition Act, Defamation Act, Contempt of  Court. Laws pertaining to ICT namely Computer Crime Act, Digital Signature Act etc, are also discussed.

The English version of this book is expected to be published in 2010. The English version will update the cases pertaining to media and cyber laws.


About Mohd Safar Hasim

Bekas wartawan Bernama (1969-1982); Kini Pensyarah Kewartawan & Komunikasi Antarabangsa di Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.
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